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Finance for land subdivision developments – Are new urban quarters a reasonable investment for EU structural funds?

Michael Nadler / Pascal Guhl

The objective of this research is to find out if investment funds should finance land subdivisions for integrated developments of new inner-city quarters. The research tries to find out where such land development projects are located and if there is a market-failure in structurally weak areas. This kind of analysis is an ex-ante market assessment for a potential application field of EU structural funds, more specific urban development funds (UDFs). Therefore, we will first define and systemize quarter development projects in theory and in practice. In the second step, we perform a market analysis using spatial variables to identify this kind of development projects in Germany. In the last step, we will conduct a regression analysis to test our central hypothesis: promoters realize no quarter development projects in structurally weak areas. If the hypothesis is proven than structural funds should close existing financing gaps.