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Integrated Plans for Sustainable Urban Development (IPSUD) in Europe

Michael Nadler

The European Commission understands integrated urban planning instruments as a crucial selection criterion for all urban development projects to create impact in the form of external benefits. In the following working paper, the author will first try to define “integrated urban planning” by using the Leipzig Charta and the German spatial planning system. In the second step, the existing instruments for integrated planning for sustainable urban development (IPSUD) in all 27 Member States of the European Union are systemized. The resulting reference guide could be helpful for investment managers in the different states, especially if they have no or little experience in financing urban development projects. Furthermore, the results could be interesting for supervisory bodies because the lack of integrated planning instruments could be a major obstacle in the establishment of financial engineering instruments for sustainable urban development. The author will test this hypothesis and deliver some consequences for the (indirect) capital investment management in urban development in the last section of this working paper.